Becoming Unbroken

Holding things as they are – seeing things as they are – loving things as they are – we come to know we are not broken.

(Originally posted on Laurie’s Gentle Healing Notes)
Couresty Schicka unsplash

Laurie's Gentle Healing Notes

For so long I believed

I was broken,

that my experiences

in the world and in my heart

needed to be

somehow different

than what they were.

And then I found

that the most powerful way

to transform my experiences

is to hold them

as they are.

And so I began to hold

all that appeared.

And I found I had never really been

broken at all.

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8 thoughts on “Becoming Unbroken

  1. Very nice, thank you for that.
    I suppose WordPress doesn’t show the ReBlog button more than once, in case we get inspired to start some sort of ping-pong game. 🙂
    We figured out how to “fix” that! (even though it wasn’t broken…)

  2. Such beautiful words for such beautiful image. Present is the best gift for all us.

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